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BAE: Before Anyone Else, is a series of photolithographic prints exploring the correlations between habit, codependent relationships, and objects of desire. This series examines replacement of people, relationships, and comfort with physical objects and abstract ideals. To develop this series, I digitally compile images of contemporary and vintage advertising and personal text messages. I utilize a CMYK process and render color flats and experimental washes separately.





Growing up with a non-verbal brother we were surrounded by pictographs and image cards describing the world around us. Our days were set around routine. I realized early on the importance of repetition and non-verbal communication. These experiences are what drew me to printmaking.

My main body of work has focused on themes of relationships and intimacy. I like to give an honest and long look at my personal relationships and behaviors through ideals and desires. I reflect upon how people will choose to engage with each other and material goods. I choose images of domesticated women, and contrast them with the bold, bright desires of a liberated woman. I combine a commercial CMYK process with hand-made layers while utilizing Photolithography. This has given me the ability to engage with traditional and experimental print processes. Seen throughout the composition and practice is the idea of combining old and new. 

My emphasis on female experience comes from years of being surrounded by a diverse and bold culmination of women. Too often I have been told, “You’re not like other women.” When in reality I am the amalgamation of every woman I have ever known. My work aims to explore these women, their experiences, and their humor.

My work can be summarized as an exploration of navigating my twenties, overuse of humor as a coping mechanism, and issues of co-dependency. Strong women, repetition, and communication are all driving forces of my work. 

Make art and Be Kind.